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The Keri Report

Aug 18, 2020

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is the key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, after all our bodies are 60% water!

But today, I'm tackling the topic of "enhanced" waters, specifically  Alkaline Water and Ginger Water, to find out if they're really anything to write home about. Certain waters and "elixirs' claim to provide amazing benefits, like more energy and preventing bone loss, so I'm here to find out the truth.

Does a specific PH balance really make a difference?

Do certain types of water really have magical properties?


The Keri Report disects health and nutrition with a no-nonsense approach.

Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and author of The Small Change Diet Keri Gans delivers her straightforward and sometimes controversial approach to what's current in the health and nutrition world. Her fun and engaging personality will leave you with a wealth of information on need-to-know hot topics for your overall well-being.

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